User Not Showing in Reporting


If a user does not appear when searching for them on the Videos Report page, try these troubleshooting methods:

  1. Confirm that the user has created an account.
  2. Confirm the user is currently registered as a Franchise user and can successfully log in through the Franchise Stylist login screen. If not, follow the step appropriate to your situation below: 

    a. If your stylist is transferring from a corporate salon see Stylists transferring from corporate salons.
    b. If your stylist has not logged in to Education Playground before, see Create an account.
  3. Make sure you are viewing reporting in the correct brand that the stylist is associated with (if there are multiple brands in your organization.)
See How to view different brands in my organization.

  1. Check that the user's name is spelled correctly (you can also try searching by only the user's first/last name.)
  2. Clear any active filters that might cause the user to not appear (ex. a filter for a salon that the stylist is not assigned to is active.)
  3. Clear any filters that are applied, select any video, and search/filter for the user at the Video Details page.
    Make sure there are no filters applied and the All option under the "quick" filters is highlighted (if it is not, select the All quick filter).

If none of the above resolve your issue, please reach out to Help Desk to get support. The user may have entered the wrong salon number during sign up or other manual actions must be taken to correct the issue.

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