Managing users with Owner actions


Owners can use actions on users from the Video Details page, which can be found by selecting any video on the Video Reports page. Actions are accessible via both the Organization/Salons and Users reports views (it is quicker to find an individual stylist via User view.)


Getting to the Video Details page

The following Actions can be performed from the user details screen:

  1. Change Salon Number – change a user’s salon number to a different one within the same brand (i.e. Supercuts salon number to another Supercuts salon number. Not Supercuts salon number to a SmartStyle salon number)
To change a user to a different brand see Stylists transferring to another brand.
  1. Make Report Viewer – assign a user the ability to view reporting from their own Education Playground account
See How to give user access to view reporting for full instructions.
  1. Block Access – block a user’s access to the Education Playground. This will make it so the user is not able to log in. It will not delete their account completely. All video and quiz progress will remain after the access is restored.
See How to temporarily block user access for full instructions.
  1. Delete Account – delete a user’s account. This will completely remove a user's account. If wanting to temporarily block a user, use the Block Access action instead.
See How to delete stylists for full instructions.

Select an action in the same row of the user to apply it. The icons for Make Report Viewer and Block Access actions will change color to indicate they are active (to deactivate these actions, simply select them again.)

Owner action options

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