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For most brands, there is typically a new contest posted at the beginning of each month. Contest details will be included in the monthly video found in the Seasonal Trend Release category.

Screenshot of seasonal trend release categories

There will be buttons on the homepage of Education Playground that navigate to the entry page for the contest. General contest rules that remain the same each month include:

  • There are no submission limits - you can enter as many times as you want
  • The work you submit must be recent - please don't post work you submitted to a previous contest
  • The work you submit must be YOUR OWN - plagiarism will not be tolerated and there may be consequences for entering an image that is not your own.
  • The entry page will open the first day of the month
  • The entry page will close the final night of the month - typically at 11:59 CST, but this can slightly fluctuate so please submit your work as soon as possible

Button to access contest entry page

If you belong to one of the following brands: SmartStyle, First Choice Haircutters, Supercuts please double-check that your Education Playground lists this brand in the top left corner of your screen. If you enter the wrong brand's contest (i.e. the salon number you entered does not match your Education Playground brand), your entry will not be accepted. If you changed salon brands and need your account updated, please contact Support.

Winners are usually posted within 10 days of the contest closing. The winner galleries can be accessed via a button on the homepage of Education Playground and are available to be viewed for roughly 20 days after they are posted.

Button to access contest winner galleries

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